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    The Winery Etruscaia with its vineyards that stretch on an area of about six hectares, a few hundred meters from the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the foot of Tarquinia represents true excellence as the sun shines for more than three hundred days a 'year and winds, constant and often brackish, refresh the grapes and make the wine very tasty.

    The wines, inspired by the names of the owners of the company, are able to satisfy every palate and are a real specialty.

    Especially tasty are the biological marmalade produced by the company.


    Terme della Ficoncella


    The Ficoncella is a small spa in which flow into the sulphurous waters in antiquity made the Terme Taurine one of the most pleasant places to the ancient Roman society. The name comes from the fig tree in the troughs

    Thanks to the highly beneficial properties of the waters that fill the thermal baths, this place is one of the centers of attraction not only for the Civitavecchia's citizens, but also for the many foreign visitors who arrives to the city during the cruises.

    The Ficoncella is the ideal place to spend a day in total relaxation, so disposing the stress of city life.

    The water gushes Ficoncella clear and odorless by a calcareous bath at 56 ° C (then there is the absence of hydrogen sulfide), and for this reason, the water can be used for thermal treatments both internal and external, through baths or drinks.

    Another important useof the water is for the treatment of: arthritis, rheumatism, traumatic after-effects, skin diseases, ulcers, sores, festering wounds, phlegmon, and more.



    Aquafelix was created in 1995 and has reached the highest goals of notoriety and appreciation in the Top 10 of the best water parks in Italy and represents an ideal solution for recreation and fun during the hot summer days.

    The water park has an area of 80,000 square meters and has been built on in-depth technical and geological studies peradeguarlo to the particular topography of the land and to make it consistently responsive to the needs of users regardless of age.


    Le spiagge di Civitavecchia

    The city of Civitavecchia has sand, gravel and rocks, can meet all the needs of guests.

    Among the most famous beaches, stand out clearly:


    Situated 10 kilometers from the City center north to Tarquinia is characterized by about 2 km of sandy beaches which are perfect for relaxing and where it is possible to freely play football, organize soccer tournaments, volleyball or beach volleyball, relax at the sun loungers provided by the bathing establishments or on the sand.

    The beaches of Sant'Agostino also have an appreciated feature by tourists, which is a particularly shallow thus allowing even the less experienced a relaxing bath and without any danger.

    La Frasca

    It is adjacent to Sant'Agostino and extends for about 6 km and is characterized by the presence of rocks.

    This is undoubtedly the most picturesque coast, consists of rocky stretches, made of rails, that carved by the incessant workings of the tides, make up a series of coves and bays where especially children can easily play numerous fishing reef animals.

    In this area are located also the Antiche Peschiere Romane where the visitor can notice of 'incredible variety of wildlife and marine life, going so far as to admire, at the points where it is stronger than the current created by the channels, the exceptional emergence of seagrass.

    This beach is ideal for who wants to carry out diving activities because there is a beautiful backdrop that thanks to its rocky structure is a natural habitat for numerous species of fish and shellfish.

    Il Pirgo

    Located in the heart of the City of Civitavecchia with pebble beach, it is a favorite of locals and tourists in the city. Thanks to the beautiful square that stands in the middle sea is one of the most visited places and with greater affluence of the city and stands as an ideal destination entertainment both day and night.